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    Can someone please explain exactly what the checkbox titled “Send product data to Square” does or how it functions?

    I’ve added hundreds of items to our WooCommerce site (no sales yet since the site isn’t launched), and transacted over 1,000 purchases in the last few months in our brick and mortar store…but still have no idea why I would (or should) select this box since I already have WooCommerce set-up as the master inventory source on WordPress, and I have our Square account synced up……

    Shouldn’t WooCommerce and Square communicate with each other automatically to update product inventory whether something sold online or in the store, by default / automatically?

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    Hi @wurdpressuzer,

    As mentioned earlier, please open up a ticket at so we can help you out there. We may need to log into the site to investigate.


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    @3sonsdevelopment I opened up a WooCommerce support ticket last week, but haven’t been able to reach a resolution yet. Since Forums are for everyone’s benefit (including my own) and a solution hasn’t been reached, there’s a great advantage trying to continue sharing progress on this issue involving 2 of the most utilized plugins for e-commerce.

    If WordPress users have to choose between community forum collaboration or the WooCommerce support ticket feature, I’m not sure what the purpose is of a community forum if not to receive insight from the community in tandem with investigation and assistance from the platform directly via the support ticket.

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    Hey @wurdpressuzer,

    Thanks for opening up the ticket first of all. We do like to be able to share information via the forum. It is one of the best parts of working with WooCommerce and WordPress in general.

    I will say as someone who has helped dozens upon dozens of sites that are having issues syncing with Square, nailing down the source of the problem can be very elusive. Problems with similar symptoms often have very different causes.

    Often times having a summary post at the end of the journey is more helpful than having the whole process playing out in the forum. For users in the future, it helps them find resolution without having to chase down a hundred rabbit holes.

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    @3sonsdevelopment understood, we’ll definitely update the forum with the final solution.

    Are you available for hire? We’ve lost so much time and potential revenue from not having out website launched from what I truly felt would be the simplest part of the entire ordeal:

    A) Upload items to WooCommerce
    B) Choose WooCommerce as “master inventory record”
    C) Sync to Square POS plugin via WooCommerce settings
    D) Let the 2 plugins sync together updating sales

    …I know I’m not alone in this struggle, but it’s disheartening knowing our website has been ready to launch since New Year’s, and it’s March now, and every day we submit a support ticket or make a forum post hoping this ongoing difficulty will end…..

    Millions of small business owners have a store and a website, when they add a new product to Woo, it gets updated to Square, and if it sells online or in-store it doesn’t matter, the inventory is accurate and good to go. That’s all we’re asking for, thanks!

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    We’re happy to keep working with you on this. No need to hire anyone.

    I did want to make one comment about something you mentioned.

    Choose WooCommerce as “master inventory record”

    Square is always the “source of truth” about inventory. The reason for that is WooCommerce can update Square anytime there is a sale to update inventory but Square does not have a system to “push” inventory changes back to WooCommerce. That’s a limitation on Square’s end.

    The workaround we have is that WooCommerce will query Square every hour to get updated stock levels. The downside is there really is no way to bulk manage stock levels in WooCommerce regardless of the system of record.

    I did want to mention that since it can be confusing and definitely is different from how many merchants expect the syncing to work.

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    Hi @3sonsdevelopment that’s very helpful.

    The WooCommerce agent that I created an Admin account for to access/review our site, all our settings are “correct” = we have the checkbox on every individual item marked as “Sync Product Data With Square” and also the overall site-wide option “[x] Sync inventory Enable to push inventory changes to Square (Inventory is always fetched from Square periodically to account for sales from other channels.)”

    Are you basically saying that the 2-way inventory management communication between Square and WooCommerce “works” to reconcile sales data to update item inventory, but it isn’t necessarily in “real-time” when a product sales in Square to populate over to WooCommerce (as it’s basically once an hour delayed)?

    If that (above) assumption is true, could someone potentially buy something on our WooCommerce site that sold 59 minutes ago in our physical retail store; or does WooCommerce query Square when an item is added-to-cart or activated within a checkout process to avoid that from happening?


    Our primary reason (among many) for choosing WooCommerce as the master inventory system (“Product of Record“) is because Square has very limited features, and doesn’t allow for product tags etc.; so we don’t want to handicap ourselves using Square since it’s honestly the most buggy and undependable platform I’ve ever used in my years as both a consumer and an amateur web developer. Is there a method where we can make this (seemingly simple) combo of Woo and Square (retail store and website) work properly?


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    Hello @wurdpressuzer,

    Thanks for the screenshare!

    Are you basically saying that the 2-way inventory management communication between Square and WooCommerce “works” to reconcile sales data to update item inventory, but it isn’t necessarily in “real-time” when a product sales in Square to populate over to WooCommerce (as it’s basically once an hour delayed)?

    Sales orders/data themselves aren’t synced, just the product and inventory data.

    Our primary reason (among many) for choosing WooCommerce as the master inventory system (“Product of Record“) is because Square has very limited features….Is there a method where we can make this (seemingly simple) combo of Woo and Square (retail store and website) work properly?

    I see your reasoning here. The problem is that you have WooCommerce set as the system of record, but you’ve also said that you’re selling via multiple channels.

    The documentation for System of Record says:

    If you sell via multiple channels (e.g. in-person with Square POS and online), we recommend setting Square as your system of record.

    On a side note, I think it will be helpful to keep all of your communication regarding this issue in one place.

    Do you still have an open ticket with us? I wasn’t able to locate one.

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    Hi @seanomattic I believe I’m not sure if I still have an open ticket, although I did create an admin user acct within the dashboard for WP to login and troubleshoot.

    What were your thoughts the screenshare? It appears that the duplicates may have a common thread would which be either/or/both (a) an accidental default variation “attribute” pre-selected (size, mostly), and (b) having several categories (ex. a pair of jean’s would be “clothing,” and it would also be “bottoms,” and “denim” etc.).

    Perhaps since some “simple” products (no color, size, etc. variations) have a residual attribute “size” selected, it’s causing some ‘confusion’ when syncing with Square.

    Lastly, on the WooCommerce system of record, I’ve watched countless (literally, hours upon hours) of YouTube videos where merchants who have stores and websites affiliated wth their brick-and-motars are seamlessly and flawlessly using Woo and Square POS in concert with each other. Perfect sublime harmony. Something sells online, no problem, Square knows. Something sells in the store, no problem, Woo knows. And everyone lived happily ever after, except us… yet lol.

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    In the last 5 days, while I haven’t heard anything back from @seanomattic or others in this thread, I’ve been able to figure several things out and wanted to share:

    Long story short, without going into technical solutions, it all came down to basically pushing the reset button by eliminating all products on Square POS completely (all 602 items from the library I’ve added since New Year’s 2022).

    With this blank slate, I then updated the WooCommerce inventory one-by-one, literally going through hundreds of individual products individually for hours upon hours, and refining the product detail and making sure the simple and variable products were all accurate and error-free.

    …Then, I did a full re-sync from WooCommerce to Square, and for the first time in the ~6 weeks this issue has been ongoing I thought for a brief glorious moment things were actually resolved because I saw the new items populate on Square from WooCommerce — UNTIL noticing every single item on Square was uploaded with “0” (zero) stock availability EVEN THOUGH the stock and syncing options were perfectly typed in WooCommerce.

    SEE THE VIDEO I MADE HERE showing this, once again, inexplicable error that hopefully doesn’t become another 6-week delay in launching our website that was supposed to be up the first week of January earlier this year.

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    I’m just noting that we have corresponded many times over email during these five days.

    I had left a note on your ticket asking the other Happiness Engineers to not reply in the forums so that we can keep the conversation in one place. It’s very difficult to keep track of all the details if the troubleshooting is spread across different platforms. Since we needed access to your site and that can’t happen in the forums, staying in the ticket is the best way to approach this.

    Thanks for working with us.

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    Hey, thanks for replying! At the precipice of the resolution, the full from-scratch re-sync of Woo to Square caused a zero-inventory issue, so I started a new thread since technically the duplicate product issue has been fixed following the elimination of an API plugin that was installed on the WP site:

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    An update for anyone following the thread:

    Have not been able to remedy this ongoing situation of WooCommerce not syncing with Square properly. No matter what is tried, errors persist (no image, no stock level synced, no sync at all, no sales tax being added on the small items that are synced, and on and on and on)

    ……it’s really mutated into a dark cloud hanging over our small business that at this point has greatly impacted not only our revenue, but many promises to customers in-store about the launch date (originally supposed to be late January 2022).

    I can’t exaggerate the frustration this causes us daily, or the amount of time, effort, and focus it’s taken away from running the brick and mortar business, with no benefit as of yet.

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    I’ve closed this topic — long story short I simply started from scratch and re-inventoried over 600 items one-by-one, syncing Woo with Square POS several times over a week to finally get Square ~90% functional and accurate.

    Still unable to get accurate taxation enabled on the Square side, but no one is totally sure why or where the error is happening.

    WooCommerce was very helpful and consistent in their communication during this support ticket. Thanks, WooCommerce!!

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