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  • Hello,

    I try to find a plugin what can help my users to send private plugin to other users.

    And other plugin when i can show all users with the profile details.


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  • any news about a plugin with this options? what plugin i can find to create a community? thanks

    WordPress is low on those kinds of plugins even though WP has an integrated user system from the start which is kind of strange since users really can’t do anything except write comments (if they even have to be logged in to do that ..) 🙂

    Your best bet may be to try buddypress. This isn’t for the regular WordPress (WPMU) but it’s an option if you consider switching.

    There is a plugin available for WordPress.

    Description: A system for your registered users to send private messages to one another. Similar to what you find with forum software.

    WordPress Private Messages Plugin

    There is also this one No idea if it works on 2.7* though…

    WP Message has private messages plugin for WordPress 2.7 and previous versions.

    Theres a demo to checkout also.

    From their site:

    WP Message adds the function of private messages to your blog or wordpress site. Allow your users to send private notes to each other or only receive messages from the admin. Easy to use and customize, WP Message is the only user message system available for wordpress!

    I had a look at this and note that there is no version for 2.7 yet. That counts me out.

    secondly it appeared that all the functions of PMs took place in the admin side of the site. No widgets to show private messages on the web page side?

    Also, Is there a way to PM users via a link on the web page side? or do we need to go into admin and tytpe in a username?

    Is there a way to ‘skin the message pages so that it looks part of the site theme?

    Have to thought of integrating this plugin into other member plugins, like

    In addition this is not the ‘Only user message system available for wordpress! ‘ and some of the others Do have these features.

    I don’t mind paying for a script, but you jave add a few extras to make it worthwhile. I’m hoping you will take up the challenge to do this. Thanks.

    @pa-scripts and @servpro tenzece ask i think something opensource, free not something premium for something like this, if you create a plugin with all featured what need a community like other plugin for joomla or other script it ok to pay but only for PM i think is to much.

    Sow, any other plugin for PM or to create a little community ??


    sorinv is in current development. From what I have seen so far it will be the most comprehensive PM system available when we see the next release.

    PA-Scripts your plugin doesn’t runs under WP 2.7.1 I have purchased it and a I’ve lost my money. There is no support… II DOESN’T RECOGNOZICE me as the site admin!!! so I can do nothing with it.

    Thank you @advaita for feedback and sorry for your money 🙁 what you lost…

    @houseofstrauss very nice the plugin, i will try and i hope to come in time with more options

    @houseofstrauss nice plugin, worked fine for me and met my clients requirements 🙂 thanks a lot!!!

    I agree with rhysbwaller

    And I also suggest” user messages plugin” that comes with handy but lot more features available only with premium version. But i happy with free version

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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