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  • Hello kmohnani,

    Thanks for the feedback, but we want to help fix this problem so future users do not experience the same thing. Can you explain what notification was not sent out to the Admin?

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    Your plugin is not sending mail to Admin when – Contributor submits a post for review

    Plugin Author 99robots


    Hello – Since there are many hundreds of others using the plugin without any issue, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

    1) The “user” is not a contributor. Please double-check. Some admins mistakenly think an user is an “Contributor” status, but they may be an author or editor.
    2) Your server / hosting provider configuration is blocking emails. The plugin relies on the default WP mailing functionality.
    3) Your email service provider (gmail, yahoo, etc) is either sending the emails to spam (check the folder).
    4) You have a conflicting plugin – most likely one that messes with your mail settings.

    Please verify. Also, we’d appreciate it if you updated your 2-star review after determining the actual reason for the issue.

    Thank you.

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    try installing a SMTP handler for sending your emalis. I use Easy WP SMTP and it works like a charm combined with this plugin

    Plugin Author 99robots


    As @schmocs correctly pointed out, the plugin will work both with the out-of-the-box email functionality or if you use a custom SMTP. Thank you for confirming.

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