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    Some of my subscribers are saying that the new post notification emails received (generated by S2) are going into their spam folder. So I wanted to send a test email to one of the online “spam email checkers”, such as from S2, to see an analysis of the email being sent by S2. But there’s no way to do Send Email in S2 and specify an email address. It would be useful for this purpose, if S2 had the ability in the “Send Email” area, to specify one or more email addresses manually. Currently, you can only select all subscribers, unconfirmed subscribers, etc. Please let me know if there’s any way to do that already. Thank you kindly!

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  • @mharpen,

    Two ways you could look at are:

    1/ Add as a public subscriber and confirm is from admin. That way you’ll get a report back to the send address for every live post made about giving details of the spam test results.

    2/ Provided you are using any sender other than “Post Author”, change your email address in your WordPress profile to the email and then send a test message from the Settings page. The response of the spam assessment should come back to the sender address as specified in the Settings.

    Thanks Matt! I ended up subscribing the email address, then in the S2 Send Email page, i select “unConfirmed subscribers (1)” and send the email.

    For some reason, I’m now having trouble getting S2 to send a confirmation email. I’m using a test email (personal email) to subscribe and unsubscribe, and it seems that S2 is just not sending a subscribe notification to the subscriber test email, – or to the Admin. I am deleting the public subscriber in between my tests. Is it possible that S2 is still remembering the old test email, even though it’s been deleted? And thinks it doesn’t need to send a notification? Or does the sending confirmation function only happen after a certain amount of time elapses?

    I’ve checked the settings, and it’s set for Admin to receive notifications of both new subscribers and unsubscribers. But no email is being sent to either the Admin or the test subscriber’s email. I’m able to send email from S2, so I know the email function is working, just no notifications are being generated to either Admin or the test subscriber email address. Thanks again!


    If you delete the address, provided it hasn’t been duplicated in some way, then a confirmation message should send. What do you see in your browser window immediately after you click the “Subscribe” button when trying to add a new public subscriber? What does the screen message say?

    I am having the same problem. “Some of my subscribers are saying that the new post notification emails received (generated by S2) are going into their spam folder.”

    My clients are also saying their recipients are not getting the notifications send by Subscribe2. I had one client provide evidence today that all the subscribed users in the office, that the notices do in fact go the Junk folder. After a little research, I have found that users of Outlook and Gmail as examples, have over time repeatedly marked the Subscribe2 notifications as spam, therefore currently the default setting on these systems junk filters is to identify Subscribe2 notifications as spam. This is a grave problem, essentially rendering the Subscribe2 provision as ineffective and defective.

    One cannot expect every recipient of a notification to fish out the spam and train the filter as a solution? While this is one method, the majority of users never pay any heed to the Junk folder, and therefore much of the Subscribe2 notifications are never seen or read. What is needed is the revised construct of the default email templates content, that they be altered significantly as not to trigger these spam filters. While the Subscribe2 WordPress user could alter the default email, it has become a universal plugin issue and should be adjusted to assure the value of the product.

    I cannot provide Subscribe2 to my clients, i.e. as a potential purchasing customer of the HTML version or WPMQ, when a problem of this significant nature exists, fully negating its purpose. E.g., notifications are being universally treated as spam, end up in the recipients Junk where most do not see them.


    If there was a solution to fix this issue that I could implement within Subscribe2, so mechanism for marking an email with a flag that says “I’m not spam” it would be an absolutely massive flaw in the email systems that would result in us all being flooded with spam emails as the spammers would rapidly employ this same ‘solution’.

    You’ve already identified that source of the issue – your users are tagging the emails as spam and teaching the spam filter to discard them. You need to educate your users (or your clients and their users) and allow them to unsubscribe.

    No.. you are completely missing the point. This is not at all about anyone’s users tagging the notifications as spam. The notifications sent by Subscribe2 trigger the spam filters already in place in Gmail and Outlook, because many recipients previously had marked them as spam. I explained it in painstaking detail to avoid any miscommunication. Please read the proceeding comments carefully to digest the actual message relayed.

    Regarding the approach to remedy the issue, apparently you have no historical experience with how spam filters work and what triggers them? This fundamental knowledge would be critical in offsetting the current problem with Subscribe2’s generic templates. They must be modified to circumvent the spam filter triggers. I don’t know how to share this information any more clearly.

    Here is an example list of keyword triggers: Does your templates include these triggers? Answer, yes. You can ignore the problem, create disconnected excuses and convince yourself it is end users problem, or be an assertive and conscience developer who cares about a quality product that will always require ongoing refinement.


    So, basically you are saying that because the default Subscribe2 template (which can easily and simply be changed) has been so widely used (are probably abused) it has been marked as spam a lot and now many of Subscribe2 emails get marked as spam as a consequence?

    And what specifically are you suggesting that I do to fix this?

    Again, you are not reading the earlier comments with a proficient understanding, instead in defense, unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Of course a user can change the templates, but the crux of the problem lies in the default template provided by Subscribe2. Apparently, you are willing to stand by an inferior product by refusing to comprehend at least in part the solution provided. I am not going to fuss about it any further whereas I realize my efforts achieve no purpose. Having been in marketing since the early 80’s, having worked with email delivery for two decades, I have contacted our own plugin developers, and we will create a rival subscriber plugin and service that will charge less and do it right.

    Inndesign, if I may, matt doesn’t deserve this. he has a great plugin and works hard at responding to lots of people. if you were paying him $100’s of $$ maybe you could be justified, but please, don’t discourage matt (or any other plugin developer) from wanting to provide what they do. he may just say it’s not worth it. i agree with matt also. he’s not responsible for changing the default template. thank our stars he has the template ability that we can customize. if you want to make a suggestion then please do so nicely and leave it at that. don’t insult him. also, i hear what you’re saying, and a simple suggestion for him to change the default templates is all that you need to say. so i agree with you on that hand, perhaps it would be smart to change the default templates matt, if you’re getting multiple people like us saying that the S2 emails are going to seveal people’s junk folders. Inndesign, if you have specific suggestions, please suggest away. And thank you for your efforts.


    Communication is a two way process and one made more difficult by the internet as I cannot illicit a tone in your voice or see facial expressions and body language with your typed words. If I am not understanding then perhaps it is becuase you are not explaining to aid my understanding. Simply referring to your comments above is not going to aid my further comprehension. So, I ask again, what specifically are you suggesting that I do to fix this?


    Thanks for your support, I’m glad that someone can see my position. My day job which is outside of computing pays 10 times what I earn from the paid version of Subscribe2 and were it not for appreciative users like yourself I’d have walked away from Subscribe2 many times over.

    You’re quite welcome Matt. And please hang in there. I’ve written plugins myself, and i know it’s not an easy task keeping up with changes in WP, and solving all the issues to make a perfect plugin. Much less supporting it. Just to say there’s many of us who appreciate your great work.

    One small suggestion if I may. When i started using S2, I used an admin email address that was different from the site domain. S2 did very well to display a warning that the email may not be sent correctly. I tested it, and received the email myself, so I stayed with it. What I didn’t realize until some people mentioned they didn’t receive the email, is that the different email domain may have been causing the junk flag on some email clients. At least I suspect that. My small suggestion, is maybe the warning you display, add something to the end, like “…or the email may also be flaged as spam.” If it said that, I would have been more keen to set my admin email to match the domain. If you think it’s not appropriate to add, no problem. Thanks again for all your great work!


    I think it’s quite likely that a part, at least, of your email issue are down to the off-domain sender.

    Changing the screen message is a simple solution and fix so I’ll try to get this into a future version.

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