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    Hi there,

    I am testing S2 with the latest WP release. I am having some issues with emails being dispatched.

    Under the subscribers tab, I have:
    – 3 registered users, which maps to the number of WP users I have in my instance
    – One public subscriber

    When using Send Mail, to troubleshoot why S2 does not send out emails when a new post is published, this is what happens:
    – When selecting Registered Subscribers (1), the recipient receives the email.
    – When selecting Public Subscribers (1), the recipient receives the email.
    – When selecting All Registered Users (3), recipients receive the emails
    – When selecting All Users and Subscribers (4), only the Registered Subscriber gets the email.

    – Is this working as designed?
    – Does the S2 engine use the same logic to dispatch emails explaining why users are not notified of new posts?


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    I forgot to mention that WP-Mail-Log confirms that only one email gets dispatched for the last scenario.


    In the Settings page in the Email Settings tab have you got “Restrict the number of recipients per email to” set to 1.

    That said, in the last scenario I think you’ve helped me locate a bug in the send mail page code, I’ll aim to get that fixed for the next release.



    Hi mattyrob,

    I did try to set that parameter to 0 but the result was the same.


    Okay, that means it’s the bug you’ve helped me to find and fix then.

    So, Subscribe2 on the Send Mail page has a bug – it’s not working as intended because of this and will be fixed in the next version (8.7).

    The good news is that this code has no bearing or impact on the code called when a new post is made.



    Thank you Sir!

    Hi Matty
    I’ve hit this problem on the HTML version.
    I’ve got a limit of 80 and about 130 public subscribers. Is there any way of telling who is receiving emails and who isn’t?


    Try installing a mail logging plugin. (Google will help you find one). This will ensure the emails are being generated. If that all looks good then it’s a case of speaking with your hosting provider about email restrictions.

    My hosting restriction is 100 names per email and no more than 300 names in five minutes, which is why I restrict the number of recipients per email to 80. I’m well inside the hosting limit.

    I suspect I have the bug you mentioned earlier in this post, or for some reason the restriction on the settings page is being ignored.


    I’m hoping to release the next version which contains a fix for this in the next 48 hours.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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