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    Is there a way to send out an e-mail to all participants on a specific event?

    Preferably, I need to create a page, where the user (admin) can choose between events, that are upcoming, and can send out an e-mail for all users who have booked a ticket for that event.

    Is there a method?

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  • Hiya,

    Have you tried using the Attendee placeholders to produce a list of attendees emails that you can pull out?



    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    Is this something like a reminder email? if yes, EM already has this feature which at the moment only available to pro users –

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    note that the pro reminder email function is a catch-all feature, meaning all events send out reminders to people that booked x days before the event.

    Thanks. It’s not an automatic reminder. I must give the oppertunity for the teacher of the event to get in contact with all, who are attending the event. He must be able to write a text and send it as an e-mail to all those attending – at any time in the period, either before or during the event.

    Also it should be possible to choose which events attendees to e-mail to.

    Thanks, @philipjohn.

    The placeholder #_ATTENDEESLIST gives a list of names attending the event, right?

    So first question: How do I get all the e-mail addresses?

    Second question: If I get the e-mails written, how can I send them all an e-mail at once? An e-mail whos text is written in a textfield or so? (I might need a plugin for this)

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I must give the oppertunity for the teacher of the event to get in contact with all, who are attending the event.

    Cant’ give an ETA but this is one of the next pro features to come out.

    Currently you can export all the emails for people that booked via CSV and use that in a mail client to send mass-emails:

    Manage Attendees

    Jerin K Alexander


    I’m looking for a solution to a related but different point. Sorry to introduce it here, but the thread that addressed it directly has been closed to further contributions and this is the nearest thread I can find.

    I want to set up an automatic email reminder for our events, that is sent to the attendees (not the person who made the booking). The existing Pro facility seems to only be able to email #_BOOKINGNAME.

    We offer events where one person may book several colleagues onto it (as is the case for most users, surely). So the reminder email needs to go directly to the attendees, rather than the person booking (who probably isn’t even attending).

    Jerin’s plugin is good, but is manual, and doesn’t send automatic (X days in advance) emails.

    Marcus advised (in the other thread) over a year ago that this facility was a priority and would be available soon. Any update on that, please?

    (Context – I’m generally very happy with EM, and this improvement would make me even happier!).




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