• Hello! Thank you for your wonderful plugin and for the great work done!
    Every day we publish 5-10 posts in completely different sections. According to the plugin’s settings, we can send a newsletter notification of a new entry when publishing EVERY post.
    We cannot spam our subscribers and send more than 1 letter per day.
    So, we have to always keep the campaign status Off (in the plugin settings), and to send the newsletter go to these settings, enable the campaign, Publish a post, turn off the campaign in the plugin. And so every day.

    A wonderful example is the onesignal plugin – right at the time of post replication we can check the box that will perform the newsletter. After publication, the checkbox is removed automatically and with further editing of the post, the newsletter will no longer be sent.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you manage to implement this option.

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    Thanks for your suggestion. We will think on that.

    Just want to know do you use same category for all posts?

    Because, Post Notification in Email Subscribers works based on post category.

    You can set the Post Notification based on the post publish in which category. So, if you are using different categories for different post. It won’t send multiple post notification.



    On the day I can publish several posts in the same category – it does not depend on me, but on specific news. As a result, a few emails will be sent anyway. The most convenient thing is a checkbox to do manual mailing for a specific post.
    Thank you!

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