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  • The Probiekm
    I want WooConnerce to send the cancellation when an order is cancelled, but it does not. If I go into the Woocommerce order and in the ‘Order Actions’ menu and select ‘Resend Order Emailes > Cancelled Order’ the customer receives the appropriate email. I would like to automate that process so that the customer gets the email when the cancellation first occurs.

    What I have Tried 1. Adding a function to my ‘functions.php’ file:

     * Add customer email to Cancelled Order recipient list
    function wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email( $recipient, $order ){
       return $recipient . ',' . $order->billing_email;
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_recipient_cancelled_order', wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email', 10, 2 );

    Unfortunately, adding this function and action to the file crashed the site.
    2. Google Search: The search turned up several results all of which said to add a function like that.

    How do I automate the email cancellation email process without crashing the site?

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