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  • Hello fellow wp’ers =) I’m using the semilogic CMS for wordpress and my dashboard no longer fuctions properly. It works one minute, come back the next and you can not access it. Here are the list of plugins I’m running. I’m new to WP so I’m not really sure how it behaves. Let me know if anything comes to mind.

    Plugins Running on Version 2.0.3

    Admin Menu 2.8
    Ad Spaces 2.7
    Akismet 1.15
    Audio player 1.2.2
    Better Feed 1.1 (edited)
    BlogPulse Link 2.1
    Bookmark Me 1.1
    Cosmos Link 2.1
    Fancy Excerpt 2.2
    FCKMonkey 1.0 (edited)
    Feedburner Feed Replacement 2.02
    Frame Buster 3.3
    Fuzzy Recent Comments 4.7
    Fuzzy Recent Posts
    Google Analytics 1.4
    Google Sitemaps 2.7.1
    Impostercide 1.2
    Kill/Keep http://www., Kill /index.php 1.2 (edited)
    Moderate Authors 1.0
    Newsletter Manager 1.8
    Not-To-Me 1.0
    Opt-in Front Page 2.5
    Paged Comment Editing 0.4
    Permalink Redirect 0.5.2 (edited)
    Search Reloaded 2.2
    Sidebar Widgets 1.0.4 (fork)
    Singular 0.3
    Smart Link 2.5
    Smart Update Pinger 2.0 (edited)
    Static Front Page 2.4
    Subscribe me 2.9.2
    Translator 1.1 (edited)
    Unfancy Quote 2.0
    WordPress Database Backup 1.7
    wp-cache 2.0.17 (edited)
    WP-Cron 1.3
    WP-Cron Dashboard 1.1

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  • I am assuming you are running the Semiologic Pro package beta based on your plugin. You might go to Denis’ pro site and grab the latest version. As for your dashboard problem I have not seen this with my blog. One likely culprit might be the WP-Cron Dashboard plugin. Try disabling it and see what happens.

    I just bought this pro package 5 days ago so I’m assuming it’s up to date but I will double check. I tried disabling the WP-Cron Dashboard plugin but that did not fix the glitch. The only thing that works temporarily is cycling through the different themes for a bit and then going back to the desired theme. Then it will work for a few hours at best. Scratching me head over here and still waiting for a reply from Denis.

    As 4.0 is still in beta, the pro packaging is getting updated. Based on some of your versions (Ad Spaces is now at 3.1), I definitely know you need to pull down the latest. I’m running Pro as well but haven’t seen the problem you are experiencing.

    That’s a LOT of plugins!
    I would go through and disable them one by one to see if you can find the culprit that way. When you do, either look for an update or just get rid of the plugin in favor of another similar one.

    blank dashboard issues are usually related to out of memory problems as far as I’ve experienced.

    Anyone care to share what plugins I should be running with Semiologic? I’ll look around for the updated plugins until the packaging is updated.

    The packaging is updated. Download the latest version of the zip file from Denis’ pro site. It contains the latest version of the SL Pro Package

    Excellent, thank you very much. Incidentally, it appears Denis was right. My host by default allocates 8 MB and bumped me up to 24 MB….no more dashboard problems. Much appreciated all =)

    Real quick, is anyone having problems with Ad Spaces 3.1? It seems it only wants to display ads on my category pages.

    please send specific details to denis at semiologic dot com.


    Every time I activate the Semiologic Google Analytics or Static Front Page plugins I have problems, the content disappears or the whole site AND admin come up as a blank pages. I host with Yahoo and will request more memory. I will also let Denis know.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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