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  • shimon


    also, does anyone have a good cms solution? I need a cms but don’t have the knowledge or the time to turn WordPress into a CMS myself. any ready made cms themes?



    It’s a theme. But a very sophisticated one.



    excuse my ignorance, but does that mean it is not a cms? Is it a blog theme or a cms theme?

    by the way, is that a swastika next to your site name?




    its a backwards swastika.

    Nazi swastikas go the other direction.

    The meanings of each are quite different, and even the Nazi swastika was ‘stolen”. Hitler wasnt very original.

    To answer your other question, thats a theme, for wordpress. As wordpress is a blog, its a theme for a blog.



    so why does it say “Semiologic CMS theme?” Also, how can I use WordPress as a CMS-is there a theme that is a CMS ready to go?



    Why not contact the developer Denis Bernardy to get your answers. He also has a forum on the Semiologic site.



    it just has cms features



    Sorry, I’m a newbie. Can you please elaborate on that (it has cms features). The longer your comment is, the better I will understand it.





    I think the link is wrong, can you send it again? It just brings me back to this thread. It points to the 9th comment which is my own.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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