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  • Hey, I am trying to convert a site I created/themed in another CMS to WordPress and there’s one little thing I’m not sure how to make happen.

    Our site uses a random background image that pairs up with a random header image (background1 & header1 or background2 & header2, etc). It’s important that the background matches the header image.

    The only caveat to that is if it is for a specific page relating to that background it will display ONLY the relevant background image and header image. Here’s how I have it coded for the current CMS I used for the site (WolfCMS):

    <?php $randarts = $this->find('/random-header-background/')->children(array());
    $randart = array_rand($randarts, 1);
    $rand = $randarts[$randart]; ?>

    This code brings in the background from the page itself:

    <?php if (url_match('/glorkian') OR url_match('/dino-run') OR url_match('/potato')){echo $this->content('background');}
            else {echo $rand->content('background');}

    Now this brings in some css that is attached to each of those pages in a separate call similar to the_content() except in WP terms it would be like the_content(myBackground)

    The css looks like this:

    <style type="text/css">
     body { background: #121c36 url('/assets/background.png') repeat-x bottom center fixed; }

    Now the header image is brought in using:

    <?php if (url_match('/glorkian') OR url_match('/dino-run') OR url_match('/potato')){echo $this->content('header');}
                    else {echo $rand->content();} ?>

    Is there a way to replicate this where if I page matches perhaps even a Tag (ideally) or a page url specifically it calls in X background & header image, else it will bring in a random background & header image?

    If you want to see an example of how it works check out (Only the home page isn’t cached so the rest will likely not be very random).

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