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    I’ve gone through all of the permalink entries to date and can’t find one that matches this specific issue, although I’ve tried all of the related fixes just in case.

    Ufter upgrading from 1.5.2 to 2.0, some of my permalinks no longer work. Thus far I’ve only found this to affect pages, not posts.

    Here’s the deal: page permalinks work for all pages up to two levels deep. For instance, ‘/about’ and ‘/about/site’ both work, but ‘/about/site/theme’ doesn’t work. Anything nested three levels down or further results in the “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” message.

    The pages don’t work when viewing the site or from within the Admin section (the page previews when editing give the same error). They’re intact since I can edit them, and I can access them directly if I build the URL myself (e.g. I can use ‘/index.php?pagename=about/site/theme/’ and it works fine).

    I’ve tested this using the second permalink option (Date and name based) with the WP2 internal array (the limited .htaccess file), and I’ve also tried it using the Verbose Rewrite Rules plugin (found here: from with the fully populated .htaccess file rebuilt after resetting the permalinks options. I’ve reset the permalink options after each change so I get the correct .htaccess file. I even tried reverting back to my original .htaccess file from the 1.5.2 installation, although I doubted that work work (it didn’t).

    Finally, I even tried re-saving the pages that don’t work just in case the slugs were the problem. No progress.

    Any ideas on why some pages work but others don’t?

    Related to this is the question of how does one modify the internal redirect array? I had some custom permalinks under 1.5.2 for printing and e-mailing posts (as well as some other custom functions), and I’d like to add them into the internal array if possible (if I can get that to work correctly) — otherwise I can add them back into the .htaccess file if using the verbose rules is ultimately how I solve the page issue.

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    I’m so glad to see the amount of help I got with this problem.

    Sarcasm aside, I resolved the problem inadvertently by deleting an unused page that was not linked to or referenced anywhere on my site. Once I deleted it, all permalinks began working again. The page was empty and was not a part of the site (essentially a draft with no content). Its slug did not match fully or partially any other slug; the same is true of its title. I thought that might be an interesting update on this issue.

    There’s a major flaw in the new permalink implementation regardless of how it’s configured. This needs serious attention, me thinks.

    That being said, I want to thank the developers for all of your hard work. The new version has many problems, but it seems none of them are insurmountable. The upgrades and new features are mostly worth the upgrade (although perhaps a delay for fixes would be prudent). I appreciate your efforts on this and for allowing all of us the opportunity to freely use the results of your efforts.

    I have exactly the same problem. Could you clarify – was this file you deleted something in the server folder structure or was it an unused WordPress post or page stored in the database?

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    It was an unused page stored in the database. I drafted a page some time ago, then I forgot it after deciding not to use it.

    The page’s slug and title did not match any other slug on the site, and the page itself was empty, yet deleting it resolved all of the permalink problems I was having with pages nested three or more levels deep.

    I had the same problem. I didn’t have an orphaned post. I did figure out that if I created a new page or blog entry, the problem went away. If I deleted the new test page, the problem came back. That’s good enough for me.

    If I may speculate, there’s probably a data integrity issue where the data doesn’t quite match expectations in the code. It would be nice to have a script that checks integrity on the entire database, but I know I don’t have time to bang it out.

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