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  • Hey there,

    I’m the administrator of a student page on which students of my campus post funny messages. It’s completely anonymous, and we select the best messages that we manually post on our Facebook page.
    We’d like to create an easy-to-use (and to-build) website, on which students could anonymously post their messages. We’d also like to have a hidden interface for admins only, that would allow us to view and select the messages we get (hundreds a day !). We’d like to avoid posting on facebook manually, and it would be awesome if we could just hit a “post” or “refuse” button for each message. Ideally, our website should be able to add a specific order number at the beginning of each message (ex: “#1745 My message”).

    Do you think I could do that with an existing plugin ?

    I really appreciate your help, and I thank you for your support in advance !


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  • Something like count the upvotes/downvotes and then take the most upvoted and post it the Facebook API and if there’s a tie or multiples to apply a random number to decide which one gets posted maybe.

    As long as you filter things slightly or do a final manual approval it should be good on Facebook.

    Grab a student who knows PHP and create that thing.

    Most all of this is available in WordPress or by stringing some plugins and a bit of code together.

    There are plugins that provided (past tense) automatic posting to Facebook. But Facebook changed its interface, so that they only allow posting to a person’s feed, not a Page feed.

    Ok, thank you for your answers 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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