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  • I have a blog at that I was using as my Peace Corps blog. Now I’m back, and once I’m done catching up, I want to switch my blog around: New title, new theme, new banner, new pages, etc. I know how to do all that.

    BUT, I would like to have my old blog still available with the current theme,title, pages, etc. The pages I currently have are mostly about the local language and other terminology, and are therefore intrinsically necessary for what I’ve been writing so far. But, they won’t be necessary for most posts I write of my post-PC life. So, I think for the new blog, it would be distracting to have those irrelevant pages visible.

    Ideally, what I’d like is for(once I’ve made my changes) someone to be able to go to and see my new blog there, with a tab to what will then be my old blog. I’d like all the links between posts to still work, and I’d like the reference pages to still work but only for that blog.

    I don’t mind if the old posts stay accessible on the main blog, I just also want them accessible as they should be seen as well.

    I’ve looked at the custom page theme instructions and at how to make a page have only posts from allowed categories, but those tools don’t seem to deal with my page problems.

    I’m willing to look at easier ideas too–would it be possible to have links that only show up on the old blog page, and either have the original pages invisible or turn them into posts and only have them available through the links? Or, anything else that would end up with the same effect but would be easier to do.


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    Three options spring to mind:

    1. Install a second copy of WP for the new blog and keep the 2 sites separate.

    2. Wait for WP 3.0 and then run the two sites from a single install.

    3. File all of your older posts under a single category and then use a custom query to keep posts from that category off pages where necessary.

    Thanks! I didn’t realize WP 3.0 was going to have that functionality. Since I won’t be done catching up my old blog for another week or two, I think it’d be easiest just to use the Multiblog function on 3.0. And, if not, I’ll be asking a different question anyway. 😀

    Thanks again.

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