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  • hi, all.

    I have a simple question, but it goes out of wp, so I put this under miscellaneous topics.

    Let’s try to descrybe it.

    I want to have static front page but don’t want to use typical form like: header, nav, sidebar etc..

    All I want is really one text block with the story that have links inside to point user to different pages. (there will not be different groups, everything is mixed up)

    How to write the code that it would be semanticaly corect? =)
    Simply use linking?..

    thanks in addvance.

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  • Use the static front page ability via Administration > Settings > Reading and in the Page Template don’t use wp_header/footer and just put the code you want–to list pages for example:




    Thanks for information Michael, but i gues that You don’t understand me quite like I wanted =) that’s maybe my fault =)

    Let’s try one more time =) What i would like to have on front page is this, Let’s assume these lines bellow are my crapy story in front page. From this page You have to be able to navigate to any corner of my site (and offsite) through keywords in it, so:

    *Hi, my name is <linked word to detail bio page> I’m an <linked profesion to cv page> some of my photo works you can find <linked word that leads to my acount in photo hosting page>..You can allways find me in <linked word to facebook profile> or follow on <link to twitter>..etc.*

    get the point? =) i don’t want to list pages, all i want is to put menu inside the storry.

    How should i call it (that block between **) semanticaly. I can use simple linking inside simple text, but maybe there’s better way show the structure of that front page for ‘spiders’ in ‘corect’ more semantical way =)?..

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    Then just make a static front page and write a page that has that info in it… Seriously 🙂 There’s no more semanticly correct way, nor any way that’ll improve SEO or make it worse. I will say that a listing or menu display is more … appealing. It’s a visual trick people are used to looking for so aiming for what they know may not be a bad idea.

    ipstenu, thanks for answer.

    as now i’m thinking maybe to list pages below, maybe in footer for that front page just in case.

    But anyway, I’ll stuck with the idea of more typographic, more intuitive way. The website will not be for anyking of corporate bvussines, it will rather be a simple portfolio page for a creative guy in working in a field og CG. I don’t reallyu care about standarts and what is the way that website ‘should look’. it’s more about impact, about first glimpse, that is really important. You have to get message ant make a plesant journey to the viewer eye as soon as possible, ‘ cos You will be judged on that. It’s the same as our hand writing – You can tell a lot about person from that. Somehow I believe that personal website is the same =)

    I want to make smth like this, but using html5 and css3 (with @ff =)

    thanks for Your thoughts!

    ou, sorry for spelling issues =) i’m still sleeping =)))

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    ‘Should look’ is ALL about impact.

    Good webdesign means that when someone visits your site, they can look at it and go ‘Aha. THIS is what the site’s about. THIS is who made it. THIS is how I can contact them (if applicable). THIS is where I get info on XYZ.’

    You want people to come to your site and see what they WANT. Or what you want them to see 🙂

    So that’s why there are standards and accepted practices. Over time, people have been ‘trained’ to look for things in certain places. They understand sidebars and mouseovers, headers and footers, center content, ads, etc etc. Showing your art means being able to show them all that info in a new, innovative, way, while still pinging those old, worn in, neural pathways enough to get them feeling like while this is NEW, it’s not scary.

    I think the way that site works is fine, for a splash page. I wouldn’t, personally, use if for the WHOLE site, but that’s a preference issue.

    I think the way that site works is fine, for a splash page. I wouldn’t, personally, use if for the WHOLE site, but that’s a preference issue.

    Thanks for answer, ipstenu =)

    Yes You are right it will be splash page only all the inside pages will have ‘regular menu’ ontop in header or in the left side.

    I don’t like very much crowded places, so i’ll try to keep things minimal, just typography.

    Any additional thoughts for this kind of splash page?..

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