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  • I am trying to set up an adventure travel website where customers can buy vouchers (for them or as a gift) for different activities (paragliding, guided tours, wine tasting, etc..) which should be non-dated (no bookings, but open-tickets that can be redeemed within 365 days).

    Basically what i need is a system that gives the client a unique voucher ID on purchase. This ID can then be used with the travel service provider to redeem the voucher and book a date.

    Would that be something that Smart Coupons can do, or are the vouchers uniquely designed to serve as credits to spend on the store?

    I guess the main features i need are:

    – creation of unique voucher ID (not name specific, kinda like i-Tunes gift card)

    – travel provider gets an e-mail with the coupon code, so he can check the validity on redeem (i can e-mail manually at first, but an automatic system would be great)

    – a printable voucher (purchase e-mail) with coupon displayed should be created after purchase.

    Basically, if you’re familiar with websites like or similar, it’s what i try to achieve. Not a direct booking, but a voucher that let’s the purchaser redeem his ticket to consume the service at a given time.

    I hope it makes sense and that this can be achieved with WooCommerce and Smart Coupons, or another extension.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • It doesn’t look like smart coupons is intended to integrate with 3rd parties.

    Sounds like a really cool concept, though. Everything you’re talking about is definitely feasible with woocommerce along with the right extension.

    I haven’t seen anything that does this, but I’d be willing to create something for you that does that. It would cost a bit more to produce than what you’d get Smart Coupons for, of course.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Would this necessarily need to be a 3-rd party? I thought somehow coupons generated on product could be, with a value of 0$, be used as unique voucher ID to redeem the services with the providers. I could manually delete the coupon once the provider tells me a customer has redeemed it.

    I could use value coupons ($50, $100) for gift vouchers, and non-value coupons (0$) linked to a product to act as the unique voucher ID?

    sure, you probably could use smartcoupons to generate a unique “voucher id”, but it still lacks the emailing a 3rd party functionality when an order is placed.
    If you’re going to be doing things manually anyway, though, you could just forward the admin email you receive to the correct party when the order is placed.
    You could probably modify the email templates to conditionally display the applied coupon codes and list them as (voucher id’s, though.

    Hello Simon,

    I’m planning a website like the one you are talking about – exteme gift vouchers. I was wondering if you have managed to find a suitable voucher system. I’m currently looking at:

    Front Page 2

    Have you tried it?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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