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  • I have a website that sells items on their own website and also on ebay. If the item is sold on ebay it is removed from the website and vice versa.

    As visitors are increasing on the website it is becoming a problem where the same item is sold on ebay and via the website before the product is removed, meaning that one buyer has to be contacted to tell them it was sold shortly before they bought it.

    Is there a way around this? I have searched for a plugin to link the two for example without any luck.

    Does anyone also do this, how do you get around selling the same item twice, or is it just a matter of managing the ebay and website sales very closely and updating each shop asap?

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  • I have no experience with this, Candell, but my suggestion is to have your client contact eBay, and see if there is any way of integrating eBay into their website.

    If not, quick solution would be to embed an iFrame which houses your clients eBay store page. That way you wouldn’t have duplicates, it would all go through eBay.

    Thanks for the reply, an iframe is a possibility but it would look shall we say, a little naff 🙁

    Very true, it would.

    Your best bet is to contact eBay, or perhaps go extensively searching for a plugin to do what you wish. Currently I know not of any such plugin.

    Perhaps a notice saying “For the more up-to-date stock of our store, visite our eBay page” or something like “All Items are not garunteed to be in stock. A refund will be granted if we lack the item you purchase.”

    Best to cover your arse!



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    You’re always going to have this problem whilst you are pulling products from 2 different sources (eBay & your site). You’d be better off using a single product source (eBay) and then pulling the products onto your site using something like

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