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  • Hello,

    I have found a buyer for one of my blogs I run. My host is 1and1, and I run multiple WordPress blogs on one database (the blog I am selling is on prefix “wp4”). Apparently 1and1 will not let you backup a part of the database. Would it be dangerous if I sent him the whole database with every WordPress blog prefix (wp1, wp2, wp3). Could he find out the login information to my other blogs that way? If I changed the password to my other blogs, would I be safe?


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  • Does 1and1 give you phpmyadmin access since then you could just export the part of the database that you want.

    I don’t mean to sound critical, but this is a good example of why NOT to install multiple blogs using just one database….

    But you’re not stuck yet…….first, does your package with 1&1 allow you to set up additional databases (have you not yet maxed out your db limit)?

    If you can, create a new database, and do a clean install of WP using the new database info in the wp-config.php file.

    Then using your phpMyAdmin access to your old database (through your control panel), export just those tables that pertain to the blog you’re selling, and import them into the new database. Then you can hand over that new database backup to your buyer.

    Wow, thanks for the quick replies!
    Yes, I do have phpMyAdmin access with 1and1. I called them wondering how I can backup part of my database, but I don’t think the lady I talked to understood. I’ll give another call and hopefully talk to someone that knows what they’re talking about.

    I’ll keep this updated.

    Thanks for your help!

    I have never had a good experience talking with their tech support and I’ve been using them for many years…….so while I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, I won’t hold my breath.

    In case you don’t get someone there who can help, maybe this will help – go to your Control Panel, go to MySQL Administration, create a New Database. Use the information it gives you (db name, db user name, host name, password) and put that into the wp-config.php file and install a new version of WP to it. This will “create” the tables you need. Then go back to Conrol Panel, go to MySQL Administration, and click on phpMyAdmin for the OLD database. Click on the database name, then click on the tab that says “Export”.

    In the box right below the work export where you see all your tables listed choose ONLY those tables that pertain to the blog you’re selling, and export them to a file. Click the little box that says “save as file” and save it to your computer.

    Then go back to phpMyAdmin for your NEW database, click on the tab that says SQL and where it says “Or Location of the text file browse to that file you saved and click on “Go”.

    This should populate your new database with the data from the old one…..


    Thanks for your detailed reply! I have installed a fresh copy of WordPress on a different database. Now I am stuck on Exporting. I clicked the Export tab, but I see nowhere that will allow me to only back up the wp4. Here’s a screenshot:


    EDIT: Do I export one by one? Like click “wp4_ads_banner”, export it. Then click “wp4_comments”, export it, etc?

    Sorry for the delay (was sleeping)…..

    I see where you are from your screenshot…….what you need to do is click on the small database name right under the little row of icons on the left bar just under the big 1&1 logo (where you see the little house, the little SQL icon, the little question mark, etc)…right below that is the name of your database….click on that, then the export tab.

    Then in the little window instead of seeing just “db” you’ll see all of your tables listed. Just highlight the ones for wp4……

    While you could do them one at a time that would be rather time consuming and shouldn’t be necessary……

    Also, as long as you’re at it, you might want to consider if you’ll ever possibly sell your other databases or not…..if so, you might want to take the time-hit of separating them out now as well into separate databases, so that you won’t have to struggle to remember this in the future… 🙂

    Good luck!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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