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  • I have a client that takes pictures of students and sells school portraits and he wants to start selling them online and have the parents just go to his site and buy the photos. I put together a site for him using woocommerse but the problem is that each school has about 600 students and each student has about 8 to 15 pictures to choose from. So, there are thousands of pictures I have to upload and woocommerse is not made to upload many at one time in there own folder that must be password protected very quickly. I am spending hours and hours a day uploading them. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations to other plugins that would be good to use? It must also be able to give the option to choose from a 3 different sizes of pictures as will. Thanks for the help!

    The photos will also be shipped to the school so the. Kids can bring them home with them. They will not be shipped to their address but to the schools address

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