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  • Is there a way I could sell images through NextGen Gallery? Or add the images to the cart without having to add each photo as a product?

    Reason for this as we have over 20,000 images and adding this each as a single product would take a long time.

    Any other solutions? Any Suggestions?

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  • Are you selling the photos individually or in batches?
    Probably the best solution would be to have something coded to import the images as products. Do you have the full-sized non-watermarked images added to nextgen gallery?

    Do you have anything set up to stop someone from just downloading them directly?

    The photos will be sold individually, All images on the site are currently watermarked and low resolution copy but once we have a solution to selling the images, we can upload a high resolution folder.

    All images are low resolution and we allow them to download a watermarked low resolution copy. We just do not know what to do…

    ok, well, assuming the full image is derivative of the low res image or vice versa
    (i.e. Seaside.jpg > Seaside_full.jpg or Seaside-lowres.jpg > Seaside.jpg)
    This is something that can be scripted
    Then you’d loop through all the records for the nextgen gallery, inserting product records – presumably using the same category structure within woocommerce as you have established in nexgen. Your full-sized images would go in the woocommerce_uploads folder – this is protected by .htaccess to prevent unauthorized downloads, and the script would add the appropriate path for the full-sized image (while also importing the low-res images for the main thumbnail image). With the proper use of hooks, you could still use the nextgen gallery to display the images, but when you clicked on the thumb of the image, it would take you to the product page (or maybe you’d put a link on the single view page for nextgen)

    Either way, it’s not a simple process, but it’s certainly doable.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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