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  • Hello,

    I’m selling custom illustration and I would like to automate the sale process and make it easier for my clients and I.

    This is what would be ideal :

    My client choose between the 3 type of illustration package I offer. Once they paid for the package they choosed, they are directed to a page that contain a form they can fill so I can get more detail about the projet. Ideally, everyone get an email with the order and form data + the data is kept on a database.

    Would it be a WordPress plugin (or combination of plugin) that could help me accomplish this ?

    Thanks for your help and advices !

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  • Does the plugin WP-ecommerce help?

    Hi Compositelitmus,

    I’m not sure if the WP-ecommerce would help. The project is on hold for now.

    Do you think it would allow me to do what I’m after? It seems like it would only solve part of the problem.


    Hi Dami1

    Just bouncing ideas around…

    1. The 3 types of illustration can be 1 product each in the shop.
    2. Client adds to cart the products they want. They checkout to Paypal, and make payment.
    3. If payment is successful, an order notification is sent to you. At the same time, they return from Paypal to a page displaying a form. They enter their project details and submit via email to you.
    Point 1 and 2 is inherent to WP ecommerce and so no programming is done. Point 3 you may have to tweak the code a little so that it returns to the form page.

    If your illustration has no quantity, then you can use the Paypal Buy Now button. In this case, I don’t think you even need to implement the WP ecommerce plugin. Under your blog post for the illustration, plant a Buy Now button for the client to make payment. In Paypal you can choose the page you want to return to. Set that to the form page that you created, so that when the client returns from Paypal, they can proceed to fill up the form and submit the project details. I believe there are plugins for forms so that you can keep the information

    Hope I am making sense to you.

    Hello Compositelitmus,

    This is a very smart way to handle things. I beleive the second option is just what I need. It’s interesting to see how we sometime get carried away and overlook simple and effective solution.

    I’ll look into a plugin that will help me build the form.

    Thanks a lot for you time and avice!

    Glad to be able to help in some way.

    Hope your project is successful!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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