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    SHAREAHOLIC: Over 10 years use and suddenly they won’t let me keep my data. Wish I’d never used them. Blackmail? Sure, that’s fine…now they want me to pay them to have my numbers show again. I’ve brought them thousands of eyeballs and I get nothing since I had to upgrade. I asked them and they responded, “Its cheaper than a developer.” Don’t use developers – I do my own sites –

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    Hi @panet

    Thank you for being a long time user of Shareaholic.

    To clarify, Shareaholic does not store your Share Counts. So there is nothing that is being “kept away from you”…

    Who keeps tally and Where do Share Counts come from?

    Shareaholic fetches Share Counts via the official Share Count lookup APIs of each social network and the buttons reflect the total shares to that service for the lifetime of that URL. This ensures that the Share Counts are always the most accurate since they are coming directly from the source.

    For clarity, Shareaholic does not store any share count data. Instead, we fetch that information for you in real time (as described above) and display it nicely for you on the page, so you can see all your hard-earned social media progress in one place.

    This setup also allows us to retrieve or “recover” any shares that may have gone ‘missing’ in the event of a domain switch, URL structure update or move from HTTP to HTTPS using some smart logic.

    Missing Share Counts?

    Most social networks tally and store share count data pegged to the URL. This means that if you alter the URL in any way, such as a switch from HTTP to HTTPS or a move between domains, you’re likely to see your share counts take a visible hit, since the social networks will see these new URLs as being completely different from the previous URLs, and assume they have a whole new set of share count data.

    Fortunately, as you noted, we have a 1-click solution to recover counts in such situations, see — Share Count Recovery™ service for details. The ease of the implementation is appreciated by most.

    Yes, we do charge for the Share Count Recovery service as it goes well beyond “normal” functionality provided by the Social Network APIs. This recovery process takes time and effort to build, takes time and effort to maintain (as Social Networks change their APIs all the time), costs us in server hosting, etc etc.

    We don’t charge for much at all, but since this goes above and beyond just calling the social networks for counts and costs us money to maintain (ex. servers, bandwidth, developer time), we think it appropriate to charge for to at least cover costs.

    Is it selfish to cover the cost of maintaining a reliable, high-quality service? We, respectfully, don’t think so. The alternative would be not to have a 1-click option to recover these shares at all. Not to mention that our $98/year plan comes with features that others charge over $50/month for!

    Note that normally (i.e. if Share Count Recovery is not switched on) that Share Counts are fetched for the URL that is to be shared. You can write some PHP code/WordPress hooks to change the URL being shared for posts published before a certain date. For instance the date you switched over to HTTPS to the non-HTTPS URL. If you do this, Share Counts will be fetched for your old URL structure prior to the date. There are some downsides to do this, but it is 100% possible for you to do.

    And yes, we think that it would probably cost you more in hiring a developer for an hour (or the cost of an hour of your own time) to “fix this” with a workaround than what Shareaholic Pro costs for an entire year, or possibly more.

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