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  • I’ve been a long time WP user. I have a feed of blogs that I follow using feedly and recently started poking around since I’m connected to it via Jetpack.

    After some research I was a bit bummed to find out that because my blog is Self-hosted that it will never show up in Freshly Pressed, it will never be indexed on for content, tags, relevance… etc.

    It bummed me out because not only will people searching for my content on the WP platform not be able to find me, I also won’t be able to find WP blogs that I want to read via I frankly can’t see why I’d even use the interface to browse for blogs since their catalog of WP sites is so limited.

    It seems well… pretty lame. Is there any documentation on if WP will ever index self-hosted WP sites and create a complete community of bloggers using WP?

    What are my alternatives? Is there other platforms like that don’t limit the kinds of blogs that get recommended and indexed? What other blogging communities should I join?

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  • Why not use WordPress.COM if you want that community? All those sites are part of a huge network (aka multisite) – so that’s fundamentally different from self-hosted WP sites that are not connected to each other at all.

    Details on the differences: and

    There are other blogging platforms and third party blogging services you can join if you want a community.

    The problem with the community on is that it excludes a large percentage of WP users. I would actually pay to browse an index of all wordpress bloggers if it existed.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll continue looking.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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