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  1. theladyboyle
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I started working on transferring my information over to a self hosted server this morning. I made the transition using BlueHost and Filezilla. After a few minor issues I was finally able to login to the wordpress.org admin page and begin working. A short time later, maybe about 2 hours, I went to save a change and the page popped up with an error. When I went back I was now being directed back to the original wordpress.com dashboard site. I checked everything that I did earlier today, chatted with an online rep at BlueHost and troubleshooted from some information that I found on here earlier - nothing.

    Completely new to all of this and just looking for help or suggestions on something that can get this working again.

    Originally used the Chateau theme, then was switching over to Lugada. blog url is http://theladyandthebeard.com

    Thank you

  2. BH_WP_Guru
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Did you get it fixed already? When I visit theladyandthebeard.com it stays on that URL, and when I try theladyandthebeard.com/wp-admin it stays on theladyandthebeard.com when it goes to the prompt asking for the password.

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