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    I can add a class to my post’s images using firefox/kubuntu and all is well.
    <img class=”alignright” src=”http://domain/images/image.jpg” alt=”image” />
    Image aligns to the right as set.
    However, if I use firefox/windows to do the same thing the class selector disappears. Every time. On different machines. Also with IE.
    Can anyone help me out here? My client is using windows and as soon as they edit a post the class is gone … ?!

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  • do you mean that the class selector is stripped from the code after editing and saving your post?
    Please tell your client to stop using the visual editor.
    Admin-Users-Your Profile and uncheck Use the visual editor when writing

    Thanks. But neither I nor the client is using the visual editor.

    Apologies if I was not clear;
    the class selector disappears from the Post’s text field on hitting ‘save'(or ‘save and continue editing’).

    I have also tried other selectors eg title, and even random letters/words within the tag, and they all disappear from the field on save.
    However, as I say, this does not happen at all on my linux box, only on XP/windows.


    Ok. I have just worked out it is not a platform issue.

    The selector remains in place when logged on as admin. But my client is logging in as author (which is what I want him to remain as), which is when the selector disappears. If I change him to an editor, the selector also remains correctly in place.

    So now my question is … how can I allow him to add this class (or indeeed, to not remove it simply by hitting save) whilst keeping him as an author?


    Ah-ha! Role manager plugin!
    Thanks for looking.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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