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    I’ve been running WordPress for several months without any problems. I’ve been running my present theme for about a month with no problems. Within the last two days however I’ve noticed that unless I’m logged into my account when I go to my homepage it’s blank. While not logged in I can go to specific posts, but I can’t see archives, or the home page. Just to be clear, the page is white and the source contents have nothing.

    The problem seems to be intermittent. For example I went to an internet cafe earlier today to view my site on a windows machine with Internet Explorer. I was able to initially see my homepage, log in to WordPress and do my thing. Once I logged out I noticed that I couldn’t see my homepage again.

    I browsed around the internet and the best course of action seemed to be to change my theme back to the default theme. I did this and voila everything worked, I could see my homepage. However no sooner did I click refresh and it went blank again. I changed my theme back, I got to look at it again, clicked refresh and it disappeared.

    Presently I’m running my own theme again as I can see things as long as I’m logged in. I don’t think this is a problem with my hosting service as I’m thousands of megabytes under my bandwidth limit and it’s limited to me not being logged in. Also another WordPress site I host on the same server works without problem.

    My site is

    thanks in advance for any help

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  • For the record I was running 1.9.1 and I turned all my plugins off and started turning them on one at a time. WP Super Cache had some config issues that caused the problem.

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