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  • I have been backing up my Blog. For some reason, one of my long posts has become corrupted. I want to restore just that post.

    I am using phpMyAdmin for the restoration.

    Is there a way to locate and restore just one post?

    Also, I have added more content since the last backup. If I have to restore everything, does the restore overwrite the existing blog or just add to it?

    IOW, if I have 20 posts and the backup just has 15 posts, if I restore everything, will it just restore the 15 backed up posts and leave the other 5 unbacked posts intact; or will the restore process overwrite all the posts and just leave me with the 15 backed up posts while erasing the 5 new posts that were not backed up?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • In what way has the post become corrupted? Are you unable to just edit it in either WordPress or using something like phpMyAdmin?

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