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  1. trishmorgan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi all

    I suspect I have an issue with the WordPress 'site URL' v the 'WordPress Address' which has been going on some time, but now that I've upgraded to 3.4.1 it's got worse. Depending on which area of the dashboard I wish to work in, WordPress sometimes asks me to reauthenticate. However, when this happens, it seems to go into an authentication loop. I noticed this mainly in the plugin editor, and I let it slide for a bit because I could get around it by editing the files through FTP.

    However, now I'm getting the authentication error when I try to use a featured image. I changed .htaccess as I think during the upgrade it rewrote a default, but now instead of getting reauthentications, I get a blank page if I use the browser uploader, and a 'HTTP error' in red if I use the Flash uploader.

    As I say, my gut feeling is that it is something to do with my WordPress install being in a different location to the site URL. For example, I've noticed that if I try to get to the 'about' page for the new install at:


    it redirects in an endless loop to:


    However, when I go to the login page at:


    I successfully redirect to:


    So the issue seems to be about the redirects, not the featured image problem. I have a hunch that if I fixed the redirect issue, the feature image issue would go away. I have double-checked index.php and .htaccess and I believe they are ok, but is there something I'm missing here?

    Also, FYI, my install location is at http://mydomain.com/wordpress but the site address is http://www.mydomain.com . Is the presence of the www affecting things?

    Many thanks


  2. nyhokie
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am having the same issue. It is quite intermittent and seems to be linked to IE. Server is Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.

    Any thoughts on this.. anyone?

  3. trishmorgan
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I think I seem to have sorted it. I found this FAQ on moving WordPress and I think when I followed the advice about the .htaccess file it seemed to work. I'm not on a Windows server though so I'm not sure if your problem might be different. Maybe have a look through that site though. Something might work for you there.


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