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  • Is there a way for post authors to *selectively* subscribe to their own posts’ comments?

    I know that under Settings -> Discussion, if I check the box for Email me whenever Anyone posts a comment, then every author will receive notification whenever anyone comments to any of his or her posts…however, this option does not have granularity. At my group blog, some authors do not want to subscribe by email to their posts, others do, and others still would like to subscribe, but with caveats (e.g., subscribe *after* the first day.)

    For non-authors to the site, we are using the Subscribe to Comments and Subscribe to Comments Now! plugins…and this provides quite a bit more granularity. It allows non-authors to pick which posts they wish to subscribe to and when they wish to subscribe.

    Is there a way to give post authors the same granularity with respect to their own posts?

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