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Selection which watermark to use?

  • Hi Marekki,

    thank you for that great plugin! It’s so much easier to work with than others.

    one question: just now i do need a way to give (2) different kind of images a different watermark (2) – is there any existing possibility right now, didn’t i saw it? Or if not, may there be this an option for you to built it in? hope 🙂

    best regards!


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  • Plugin Author marekki


    Hi a&c

    the good news is: I have already implemented this function for the next version.
    the bad one: it is a simple quick & dirty hack and you have to wait for about 1-2 weeks because no time for tests yet.

    Best wishes,

    ps. please feel free to rate my plugin.

    hello again & thanks a lot for such great support. no problem to wait for it 🙂
    so at the moment first i do use on the possibility to watermark alternatively with text and the other with the one “stempel”. one idea else: if it there should be possible to get their respective settings (x, y) saved? that would make use easier for inexpert clients.

    Plugin Author marekki



    I’m unsure what you mean with “respective settings (x, y)”? do you mean a) the whole set of settings or
    b) the x-, y-coordinates? or
    c) something else?

    please explain my your idea. I’m happy about feedback and possibility to improve this plugin.

    Best wishes,

    oh, sorry for my unclear expression
    it is meant likely ” a) the whole set of settings”
    if i use file stempel.png as watermark it’s given a specific Position + Offset and if otherwise if i use text as watermark it should have another Position + Offset.
    those different settings i would like to get saved?
    hope it’s more clearer now?
    thank you!

    Plugin Author marekki



    so you want to save more then one set of settings?! so called profiles with all setting for each logo or string. I can figure out to save/load some different “profiles” but i think this has a low priority on the todo list. I’ll think about this.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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