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    I have WP installed and running. I’ve poked around, installed some modules, and read the documentation. Still, I don’t know how to get certain categories and links onto a page. I know that it can be done, and I’ve seen several sites that are doing this, so it must be somewhat easy, but I’m lost…


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  • can you be more specific when you say “get…certain categories and links onto a page”? There are distinct differences between posts and Pages, which would help us answer. More information means a more concise answer.



    As an example, I have one post that is in the “science” category, I have another post that is in the “computer” category. I also have a Page that is called science, and one that is computer. I would like to have all of the posts that belong to the science category to be on the science page, and all of the posts that belong to the computer categoryto be shown on the computer page. I have other posts that might belong to both and should be on both pages.

    I would also only like to show only links that belong to the science “link category” on the science page.



    Pages aren’t really meant to do that.
    However there were several attempts to show/display posts in Pages – you’ll have to search the forums to see if any of the solutions found would work for you.



    To me the answer is: WordPress already does this automatically. Don’t say “Page” which has a special meaning in WordPress. Just think of Categories. Your posts are automatically divided into 1 automatic page for each category.

    If you want a different “look” for each category, you can do this with Category Templates. So you make a Cat Template for Science. It will have all the Science posts automatically.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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