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    I can't tell if this is the forum for people creating themes for those using them instead. I want to do the second. If I am wrong, I'm sorry. I can write _basic_ HTML and CSS but I am hoping for a theme to do the main things I need. I looked at a bunch of themes but can't tell how to know if a theme will do what I want. I want a
    1. responsive theme
    2. a theme that allows a separate logo and web site title and tag, both at the top of the page like a banner, but not requireing that the logo and web site title be part of the same single, wide image
    3. a theme that does not assume as default that I want my pages to be blog posts. I began using a theme, but while it says I can have a page, not a blog, I have an About page that I cannot remove the blog "look and feel" without making a child theme and hacking it.

    I am trying to create a fairly simple small business site. I am paying right now for hosting but stymied as to how to get the simple thiungs above.

    How can I choose a theme that will do these three things? I'm a programmer for a living but I don't want to have to do a bunch of coding to get what seems like it should be simple. Thanks.

    If it matters, here is my site's URL: http://www.prayingwithdavidjesusandpaul.com


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