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  • Feature request:
    We can associated multiple categories with WP entries. But the categories are displayed in the post in the order of their numeric ID. It would add more meaning to the post if the categories were displayed in the order in which they were selected by the author. Example: selecting the primary category, then 1 or 2 sub-categories.
    As WP currently operates, there is no indication which of the three is the primary category, i.e.: if the primary category’s ID# is after teh sub-category, it is display “out of order”.
    To implement, a Javascript handler tied to the category array would be necessary. I haven’t done much more thinking about the mechanics than this (yet).
    Is this possible? Is this of interest to anyone but me?

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  • A lot of folks will be very supportive of anything which does not require javascript in the nav functions. It is a no no for accessibility fiends.

    Yeah, it would be really nice to be able to choose order in a better way, that would greatly help if you, like me, are trying to use WP in a more CMS-ish way.
    One way of going about it could perhaps be to add a new db-table that in some ways samples hierarchical categories, but make a seperate tree-structure for it….
    And then allow to move branches up and down…
    hmm, come to think about it, the only thing missing from the current categories is a order-field in the db-table and an interface for rearranging them…
    too bad I don’t quite have the PHP knowledge to try myself. Anyone?

    I don’t think the Javascript as I was thinking about using it would have any effect at all on accessibility. I envision using Javascript to record the order in which the categories were selected. Then it would pass the info along to WP which could then store the selected order in the database. From that point on, WP would handle everything as usual.
    WP would really be enhanced this way by allowing authors to choose primary and secondary categories. Otherwise, there is hardly a reason to allow assigning multiple categories to an entry.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    This has poor discoverability and won’t fit some people’s selection patterns. Plus, manual sorts are a bit pathological and rarely worth the effort and the bug reports they generate. We could add a filter point that would allow a plugin to sort the category list. That way those who like to configure things can drop in their own routine for sorting their lists.

    rboren: I’m not talking about sorting the category list. What I am suggesting is simply recording the order in which categories were selected by the author of a post.
    The question is this: what purpose does allowing a post to be associated with multiples category, if a primarly category can’t assigned? The first category listed should be the primary, with the others being secondary, but ultimately in order of importance.
    Poor discoverability… pathological… rarely worth the effort… Why? This is a disappointing response which I hope I have misinterpreted.

    hmm, come to think about it, the only thing missing from the current categories is a order-field in the db-table and an interface for rearranging them…

    Yes. We need the interface and then a plugin can be written. Not that big of a deal once a clear path is designed.

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