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  • Hi,

    It sure would be nice for someone to come up with (or maybe upgrade) the Selectable Tag List plugin that list all tags under the tag input box when you are writing a new post. The user could simply click on the relevant tag(s) and it would be inserted in the input box.


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  • Keilya


    I just found out about this today (no plugins, just plain wordpress 2.5) but if you’ve previously tagged a post with say “Apple” and the next time you write a post and decide to tag it with “Apple” again, the”Apple” word actually comes up as a floating selectable tag even before you can finish typing it in the box.

    It also seems to be able to include words which your categories are named after.

    Thanks but I was aware of that. What I meant was a plugin such as Selectable Tag List which would list all of your tags in a box for the user to pick and choose (and add to the list). The thing is, when you have a considerable amount of tags, you tend to forget half of them and add another one which would be similar to one you already have.

    I would also love to see this feature of a selectable tag list just like the selectable category list.

    Look at Andy Staines’ Click Tags plugin.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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