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    I was using this method to allow users to select recipient:

    [select your-recipient "CEO|" "Sales|" "Support|"]

    It’s no longer working and I’m wondering if anybody else is having the same issue. Nothing has changed on this site since the last time this working except updates to WP & CF7.

    Looking at the source code, what I’m seeing for the option values is
    <option value="CEO">CEO</option>

    Currently using WP 3.5.2, and CF7 3.4.2. I tried rolling back to CF7 3.4.1, but it didn’t fix it.

    Any assistance appreciated!

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  • This WAS NOT related to upgrades – it was an incomplete tag inside of the form.

    I am experiencing the same problem. The Contact Form was working fine until i updated to I have rolled back to and it is working fine again. Every time I update to I get a validation error when submitting the form. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Check your “From” field – it should be

    [your-name] <[your-email]>

    If it’s just [your-email] then the upgrade might be resetting it to that.

    In my case I thought another person with access to the admin had changed it, but now I’m not so sure it wasn’t the upgrade.

    treb – let me clarify something…

    “your-name” & “your-email” refer to the name of the form fields where the sender’s name an email are collected and the tags I quoted above should be setup accordingly.

    Here is the syntax I am using:


    It works fine in but when I update to I get the validation error when attempting to submit the form.

    If while running I remove [your-recipient] from the to field and leave it works and will only send the emails to, which defeats the purpose of having emails distributed to the appropriate individuals.

    <p>Your name: (required)
    [text* sender-name /85] </p>
    <p> I would like to get the documents in the following manner (required):
     [checkbox* checkbox-570 use_label_element exclusive "Email"  "Pickup"]</p>
    <p>Your email address: (required)
    [email* sender-email /65 akismet:author_email]</p>
    <p>Your phone number and extension: (required)
    [text* yourphonenumber /16] </p> 
    <p>Your fax number:
    [text  yourfaxnumber /12]  
    <p> You must select a Case Type: (required) [select* your-recipient "Click for a list of available Case Types |"
    "Civil Records - CVM, CVD, CVS, SP, M |"
    "Criminal Records - Traffic Citations, CR |"
    "Estates - E |"
    <p>Case number:
    2 digit year plus type CVD, CVM, CVS, SP plus case number, example 12CVD12345
    [text casenumber /15]</p>
    <p>Plaintiff's name: (required) Last Name first then First Name
    [text*  plaintiff /75] </p> 
    <p>Defendant's name: Last Name first then First Name
    [text defendant /75] </p>
     <p>Please provide specific information in order not to delay your request.</p>
    [textarea your-message] </p>
    <p><span style="font-size:14px;">Please enter the following (below): [captchac captcha-101 size:l] &nbsp<p> [captchar captcha-101]
    <p>[submit "Send"]</p>
    To: [your-recipient],


    Have you tried removing the webmaster address from the “to” field and add it to a cc or bcc in the “additional headers” section? was working fine. I just updated to to try your recommendations. I stated by removing from the “To” filed and and leaving “[your-recipient]” and I get “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” If I remove “[your-recipient]” and insert “” in the “To” field it goes through fine.

    Not sure of proper syntax for adding cc or bcc to additional fields.

    Seems like looks at [your-recipient] differently than in

    Is there a simple way to go from back to without having to delete, reinstall and having to recreate the above contact form?

    Enter [your-recipient] in the Mail “To:” section and in the “Additional headers” area, enter “bcc:” — remove that address from the “To” area.

    Make sure you have removed the comma after [your-recipient].

    Double check that your mail “From” info looks exactly like this[sender-name] <[sender-email]>

    If none of that works, then I would try removing selection without an email address (Click for a list of available Case Types) and/or the commas from your “your-recipients” list.

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