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  • Hi all, how would I go about including a form field at registration for new users to select the radio button that pertains to their role (i.e. clicking one button would set user role as Editor and clicking another would set role as Subscriber).

    Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Would be great is anyone could help out on this one. I also need to find out how to do this. Surprised there isn’t much documentation on this.

    This is for people who have mulyiple types of users registering on their website.

    For me I need a registration form for a subscriber and an author. I thought there would be a function where you would code which role to assign the user on registration but there does seem to be any.

    Hope someone can help us out!


    I also need this option … I will let you know if I find anything. If not maybe we could all come together to get a developer to create something 🙂

    I’m also looking for something similar.

    I am trying to put users into one of many user roles when they self register. I will provide visitors with different codes they can enter that will put them into a certain user role — something like a “coupon code”. I have researched many user role and registration plugins, but have not found one that will sort registrants into a user role based on a code they enter when registering. All the plugins I’ve seen require the admin to manually place users into roles after they register.

    Any suggestions?

    I tried this .but getting an error

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