• Hi,
    I’m having some difficulty using the Ultimate Appointment Scheduling plug-in for WordPress. I am using a safari browser and have opted to use the calendar view for the plug in. It appears that all goes well until given the opting to “Select Time”.

    The initial setup has been completed properly and reviewed again and again to rule out any possible errors. The symptom persists and I’ve run out of options in fixing it myself. Is there an option for me to remedy this issue so that I might continue using the Ultimate plug-in?

    Thanks for your help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi s96wp,

    We’ve recently had a similar report from another user (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/pop-up-not-working-booking-block/) and have done a lot of testing for this, and believe that we’ve isolated an issue that can cause the behaviour you’re experiencing. It looks like it happens when the start time for a service is before when a provider finishes, but the time it takes for a service means the service would finish past when the provider finishes. In that case, it seems that it still shows up as a block to select in the calendar, but then there is nothing available in the dropdown in the pop-up because the provider’s end time is before the appointment would finish. We’re working on an update that should remove the block from the calendar if this is the case.

    In the meantime, if you make sure that there is an available appointment that falls within a provider’s shift (including the duration of the appointment), the connection between the calendar and that dropdown should work correctly. Also, if you use the dropdown appointment booking format (instead of the calendar), this issue should not present itself at any time.

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    Thanks for your reply and effort.
    I’ve implemented your suggestion. Unfortunately,it did not remedy the issue on the standard nor the drop-down versions of the appointment calendar. Is it possible that I’m still doing something incorrectly? Maybe I should wait for the next update to see if the problem is resolved?

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    Try creating a brand new service and make the duration 1 minute. Then create a new provider and make them available all day on a certain day. If you go to the appointment calendar now, do any available times show up in the drop down?

    Also, the dropdown version of the appointment scheduler should never be affected by this, as it does not have the same pop-up functionality to select an appointment time. What is the issue with the dropdown version on your site? Where do you have the dropdown version on your site?

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