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    Simple question: how can I allow the user to select -any- category for their entry? Basically fill a dropdown box with the current post categories and let the user select which one they want.

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  • I hope you don’t mind me adding on to this question…I was looking for the EXACT same answer – PLUS, wanted to know if a user could create their own category.

    I want my users to enter some contact information to post to a certain page based on the state they are from and city. If the city doesn’t exist on the list, I would like them to be able to create it.

    +1 for the PLUS

    Could you explain a little further?

    Selecting a category so it shows up on the right page?
    Create their own category?

    There is a workaround solution I use to let a user post a new (not yet created) term on the site.
    What I do is to create a “Other” term with a condition, that will shows a new input text field where the user can post the name of his suggested term. I will then examine the suggestion and create it if it’s passing my standards.

    Hope this help…

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    If you select one of the pre-created form that shows the Category field, you will see there is a drop down of the categories for the user to choose from. You can even go in and disable any of them that you don’t want to make available.

    Yes, the Post Form sample has the category. I was looking at the Sample Form but it did not have one. I will try that “Other” trick because I also want users to be able to enter new categories

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    Hello @maddoctor,

    By default, it will be unavailable for a user [who is submitting the post] to create a category while submitting a post. Users can only select the categories that are already available to select from the options of the category list.

    If your users want to add a category that is unavailable right now, then they can write their preferred category in a text box that you can make a dependent field by using conditional logic.

    Since conditional logic is unavailable in free version, I am unable to share with you that process here. If you want to learn more about it, please create a ticket here.

    Apart from conditional logic, the other option to allow your users to add their own category is, by adding custom code.


    So, let me understand correctly. In the pro version, I AM able to allow users to create their own category? If so, when they create the new category, will it be a child of another? or can they set it that way?

    Here is what I am trying to do…teachers submit a post with a limited scope of information (contact info, school, and Amazon Wishlist link). Right now I have it set to pick their state as their category….but it would be even better if they could select their city along with their state. However, not all cities would be on the category list – not until they get added. But I don’t want to have a HUGE list either, so trying to figure out a way to make this more manageable.

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    Hello @kallard

    As per the forum rules, we are not allowed to talk about the paid version here. As your query is about to pre-sales, please consider contacting us directly.


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