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    I am using your plugin to serve a mobile theme for all pages that are children of my /mobile/ page. This is working great so far, but when I create a new mobile page I can’t chose which template I want to use from my mobile theme as the template dropdown only offers me the different templates of my desktop theme. Is there anything I can do to chose the correct templates in the “create new page” screen?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Choosing templates for Pages using “alternate themes” is a situation I had not even thought about when I designed the plugin.

    I’ll need to investigate that before I can comment on the feasibility of expanding the plugin to handle that in Create New Page and Edit Page.

    For now, here are a couple of workarounds that may or may not work in your individual situation.

    (1) If you always use the default Template of your Current Theme, you could make your Mobile Theme the Current Theme and use the plugin to select the regular Theme as your Alternate Theme for all but your Mobile pages. That would allow you to choose the Template for your mobile theme in Create New Page and Edit Page.

    (2) The only other instant answer, which is just an idea, not something I’ve tested, would be to make Child Themes of your Mobile Theme, each Child using a different Template as its default. You would then have to use the plugin to set which Child Theme (i.e. – which Template) to use for each Page.

    I’ll respond here in the next 24 hours once I’ve had a chance to research what it would take to allow the selection of Templates for an “Alternate Theme”.

    I do have a “better solution” for most situations than either of the two listed in my previous post. That involves using Method #2 in the FAQ “How do I change the Theme Options (Widgets, Sidebars, Menus, Background, Header, etc.) used for each Theme?” at

    It turns out that the Theme Test Drive plugin also allows you to change the Template using Edit Page. Simply “Test Drive” the Mobile theme you are using as described in the FAQ.

    I tested this and the non-default Template set with Theme Test Drive is used after Theme Test Drive is deactivated and jonradio Multiple Themes re-activated.

    For now, that is the best that I can offer. A large amount of design and development work is required for the Multiple Themes plugin to properly handle all Theme Options, including Templates, simply because they (Menus, Widgets, Templates, etc.) each have their own peculiarities.

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
    That workaround seems to work just fine 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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