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    So i’ve just completed the design of a site and put it live today. However, a problem that wasn’t there during coding and troubleshooting has occurred. Some images (the header graphics on any secondary pages) are not loading when the page does and remain blank, but appears if you refresh the page.

    I did some research on this problem and found that others have had this happen too. Either it has something to do with the server the website is hosted on, or something with a javascript function that loads the header images not responding as it should.

    Anybody know anything about this and have a solution? I’m no php/js expert so please try to make it not too technical.

    here’s a url of a page where this happens: (but it happens on all secondary pages)

    Hope someone can help as i’m totally stumped.


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  • Howdy,
    One issue is that your header background images are not found where your theme is looking for them, such as:

    Have a look and see if it helps once you’ve corrected the location of these images.

    Good luck,

    That seemed to be the problem for some of the pages. I had updated background images in the css, but there was one place in the wp control panel that was still looking for the old image and this was overwriting the css. Changed this and images now work.

    The issue about images only loading on refresh of the page seems to have resolved itself overnight, so i’m leaning on the server side theory.

    Thanks for your help Paul!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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