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    Hello Brajesh,

    I’m using Mediapress and it’s working well on Chrome and Firefox. Thank you for this plugin!
    But when i’m trying to upload photo to Gallery from iPhone or iPad(Safari) and from Edge browser on desktop, after click on SELECT FILES nothing happens.
    At the same time, when I upload a photo on a Post page (front-end) or upload a photo to Media library on Admin dashboard, after clicking on SELECT FILES a window opens for selecting file.
    So Buddypress uploader working good in Safari and Edge.
    Could you please check what is wrong with uploading to Mediapress Gallery in Safari and Edge.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    Thank you for using MediaPress.

    Can you please provide me details of which version of MediaPress, BuddyPress, and WordPress are you using?

    We fixed this issue in 1.3.5 for the safari/ios. It’s strange if it is still appearing.

    Please let me know the details and I will assist.


    Hi Brajesh,
    Thank you for your response.
    WP – 4.9.6.
    BP – 3.0.0.
    PHP – 7.1.16.
    MediaPress – 1.3.7.
    I customize some template files from \mediapress\default\gallery\manage\add-media.php … edit… delete…
    Today I renamed mediapress folder in my child theme and tested SELECT FILES with original MPP. SELECT Files doesn’t work in SAFARI, ios and EDGE.

    Also I’m using WOFFICE theme (2.5.8). May be it can cause this issue?
    Will test MPP with a standard WP theme today.


    I deactivated woffice-child theme – issue remains.
    i deactivated woffice (v. 2.5.8) theme and use WP 2015 theme – I CAN! UPLOAD files in ios and Edge.

    So, there is conflict between MPP and Woffice theme.
    Will try to update Woffice to latest v.2.7.0 and test.

    Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    Thank you for testing and confirming the conflict.

    The issue happens when the shim for uploader is not positioned correctly. Most probably the theme might be doing something with uploader that changes the position.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    I’ll let you know.

    I have another question – how we can limit number of photo uploading with Drag & Drop?
    (To limit number when we SELEST FILES, I used you suggestion I’ve read some months ago.
    Thank you! )

    I need max limit =1

    Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    It should be simple. We have JavaScript API for uploader that should allow it easily. I will check and share the code a bit late today.

    Thank you

    Thank you in advance!

    Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    Sorry for the delay. I have re read your question and it seems that you are looking for a way to limit the no. of files that can be dragged and dropped.

    The file uploader(plupload) does not support it out of the box. It is possible to do it by keeping a flag and removing file from the upload queue on section/dragdrop. At the moment, the hooks that I am providing is not sufficient for this use case. It allows me to restrict but the flag is not cleared later and that makes it hard to upload again without reloading page.

    Here is the code I am using for activity upload limit.

        $(document).on('mpp:uploader:file.added', function (event, mpp_uploader, file) {
            // remove the queued file.
            if (mpp_uploader.uploader.files.length > 1) {
                // remove the list
                $('li#' +, $(;

    Please do not use it. I will be adding a few more events in our next release(next week) and post back again.

    Thank you

    Thank you Brajesh!
    I’ll wait your next release.

    I updated MediaPress. Will test Drag&Drop to upload ONE file at a time

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    Hello Brajesh,

    Can I use your code for activity upload limit, you’ve posted about 4 weeks ago?

    Hello Brajesh,

    1. I used your code for activity upload limit. it’s working well.

    2. As for my issue with uploading images on iPhone and iPad, theme developers have found bug in their WOFFICE theme. I hope it will be fixed within 1-2 days.

    Appreciate your help!


    Plugin Author Brajesh Singh


    Hi Olga,
    Thank you for the updates.

    I am sorry, I haven’t been able to help much recently.

    I had not tested the activity restriction in last update as all the focus was on adding external media.

    I am not sure if it is working for you correctly(seems it did?). Even if it did not, I will be making sure it works in our upcoming update.

    Thank you

    Hello Brajesh,
    I still have the problem with uploading photos on iPhone, iPad and in Edge browser.

    I’ve tested your plugin with default WP themes and it is working well.
    But with WOFFICE theme the issue remains.
    Woffice developer has written me:

    “… I re-checked, the theme doesn’t apply any specific style as far as I see. But if it’s still not working when you deactivate all Woffice Javascript calls, that means it must come from the CSS side.

    Can you ask the plugin author more detail about:


    The issue happens when the shim for uploader is not positioned correctly. Most probably the theme might be doing something with uploader that changes the position.
    Because I don’t see anything we could do that could have an impact. Mostly on two devices.

    2. Is there a theme requirement or a specific style needed?

    Because to me it seems like a missing piece of JS. That again, should not be related to the theme if you remove scripts.min.js and plugins.min.js + cleared your cache…”

    If you’ll have time could you please answer that questions?
    Thank you for advance!

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