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    I have a project (more than one actually) where there is certain recurring data. Very structured. I'll just use one example, a site with book reviews.
    In its current un-WP'd state it has a table each for author, genre, review ... and other stuff.

    Now each "post" would be the review but with a "fact box", it should also link to the author-post - which should get the data from the appropriate author-table. (Of course multiple books can have the same author etc.) Same for the genre.

    It should also be possible to add other data specific to a post to that table row, like ISBN, price and whatever. (Ex: http://www.grimoires.de/zufall.php - left side of the main content above the cover)

    Another example with the same principle would be a page about dog breeds. Apart from the text there is also a recurring fact box that shall links to certain other posts like countries of origins or dieases.

    Here would be an added (or different) requirement: The dog breeds will have values for weight, height, etc. Ideally there would be a solution where you could easily create a table from this data that can be ordered by min/max-size/weight etc. (Ex: http://www.hudoba.de/hunderassen/bernhardiner/ - the green box at the right).

    I would be amazed if there is no solution at all for this out there but am probably using the wrong searches.

    Any idea in what direction I may look?

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