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  • WP5.8
    Windows 10 OS
    Only affects Firefox (90.0.2)

    Whilst explaining a technique to a new web-editor I found a problem with Select_All using Firefox.

    Go to Dashboard/Appearance/Theme editor and select any long file
    Click on the file contents

    Then try each of these methods…
    Control + A – this correctly selects all text to the end of the file

    These methods are different
    Edit/Select_All – only selects first part of file
    Right Click Menu/Select_All – only selects first part of file

    The Plugin Editor is the same.

    Is this a Firefox problem or something within WP ?

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  • What do you mean with a long file? A file that’s longer than the page?

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    What do you mean with a long file? A file that’s longer than the page?


    The specific problem is if you want to replace the file with new content.

    Normally you can select_all, delete, paste in the new content and update.

    If select_all only selects_a_bit then it becomes a bit more difficult.

    Thank you for clarifying Jim. I’ve tested it and get the same result as you.

    So indeed, in Firefox, in the theme editor, if I do CTRL + A, all text in the editor gets selected. But if I right-click and do ‘select all’, only the visible portion of the text gets selected.

    I’ve done some more testing and can confirm the following:

    1. This doesn’t happen in for example Edge. There, in both cases all text gets selected.
    2. It also doesn’t happen in Firefox on plain html webpages. I’ve created one with a long text and many paragraphs and these all get selected just fine.
    3. It also doesn’t happen in the WordPress editor in Firefox if you have a long, continuous block of text (or code) without any line-breaks (white lines) in between. You can try this by minifying your code first (you could for example use an online minification service for this) and then trying to select all of it

    So it seems to me this issue is specific to WordPress in combination with Firefox and possibly a bug.

    When I have some more time I’ll do some more testing and if it turns out this is a bug, I’ll report it.

    Thank you Jim for pointing this one out.

    Thread Starter jim5471


    Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

    I was concerned that it might be local glitch.

    It is strange that Chrome is unaffected – you would assume that all the select options would use the same command.

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    I have now found additional problems that I think may be related to the CodeMirror coding used by WP in the Theme Editor.

    Firefox only issue:
    Select a number of lines of code from the file content and right_click_menu/delete
    then right_click_menu/undo
    note that the first line of the code is missing

    Firefox and MS Edge issue
    Conduct a “Find in page” search within the file contents.
    Note that only the first part of the file content is searched.

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