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  • Translation string missing in POT/PO – “Select a Country:”.

    The field is visible in the backend when adding an event when you have the option to select the country.

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    Your entire translation system is a very bad system. It is based on combining words that are translated separately. This causes linguistic errors during the translation. For example, some phrases are capitalized where they should not be capitalized. In some languages, the inflection of words means that the translated word should have a different ending and create a strange phrase that is a linguistic error. You should just add separate strings for each phrase so that they are translated separately. Some 15 additional strings in POT / PO, but very important – ensuring language correctness.

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    First of all, thanks so much for your message and this detailed feedback. You are right, we are lacking in different aspects of multilingual support, and we have a bit of a backlog to catch up on, but we appreciate yours and everyone else’s patience while we work hard at it! To start troubleshooting this, I went to check out our strings, and that string does exist, I believe, for example here:

    Would you mind letting me know which locales are you working with, and for example, a couple of suggestions you may have to improve our current strings? Most of our improvements come directly from our users, so we are always looking for feedback like yours.

    We’ll be looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

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    Hi Ali,

    I think I know where the problem is. The POT file distributed by the plugin (the-events-calendar.POT) and available in the plugin directory after installation contains only 1639 strings. Probably it has not been updated for a long time and it is used for updates by eg Loco.

    Personally, I use Polish and the PO file downloaded from the WP website (from your entry above, wp-plugins-the-events-calendar-stable-en.PO) has 2333 strings – so you can see that in the POT file distributed with the plugin and available 694 strings are missing after its installation.

    So the POT file needs to be updated with missing 694 strings.

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    When it comes to correct translations, it will apply to 99% of languages. You use a combined translation, i.e. words are translated separately and in some places these separate words are combined into whole phrases or expressions. In most European languages, including Slavic, we deal with a variant of the endings – the so-called suffix. If you combine the word to build 1 expression, this suffix changes and a linguistic error comes out.

    You just shouldn’t combine words. You just need to add separate strings in POT / PO for mixed expressions, not combine the translated words. In English, the suffix does not change, but in the Slavic and some Europesque languages ​​it does, so there is a linguistic horror.

    Each phrase should be translated separately. If the phrase consists of 2 separately translated words that you have combined for ease of use, it should be translated separately.

    Currently, for example, in Polish it is not possible to correctly translate the entire POT / PO and other phrases, and even for some people the use of the calendar, because the mixed translations of 2 or 3 words translated separately look at least strange and are not linguistically correct.

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