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    Segue Networks, Inc is seeking great WordPress designers to partner with. Segue Networks, Inc sets up blogs for businesses and also maintains a network of blogs as well. We are seeking designers that will be paid outright for the work in designing blogs for other businesses when we are contracted to do so through our various partnerships with companies like Soho360 ( ) and will be paid 10% of the total advertising revenue we bring into the blogs you design on our network. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneur-minded designers who want to get out in front of the blogging wave as it gains great momentum.

    About Segue Networks, Inc. The goal of Segue Networks, Inc is to partner with individual bloggers, letting them do what they do best ( writing, creating community, researching ) and support them with what we do best ( upgrading the software that drives their Web site, generating revenue, running the business ). We split the profits 50/50 with each of our bloggers taking out only hard costs (i.e., sales commissions, credit card fees).

    Segue Networks, Inc believes that blogs are introducing a new dimension of news and information delivery and therefore is initiating a change in the overall view of, reaction to and interaction with journalism. Blogs are essentially conversation based around information guided by an industry professional and when place together with the slew of wireless applications and appliances ( PDA, cellphones, laptops and etc ), that conversation become universal and able to take place anytime, anywhere. Therefore there is a change occurring and Segue Networks, Inc believes that while the change will be slow, it will be big and therefore will do everything it can to be out in front on this wave. Our goal is not to have the largest network or blogs but the most read, respected and referenced network or blogs. We hope that you will join us.

    Please email us at with links and resume if interested.

    For more information about blog potential and growth please read

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