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  • I was wondering if it were possible to segregate posts in accordance to their author, or category. That is, the posts are still on the main page, but these target posts are, say, in a column of their own at the side of the page.

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  • It’s possible using css, and a modified index.php, but needs some work.

    Ah.. thanks! ^.^

    If someone got bored and wanted to teach me how to do something like this I would really appreciate it. One of my favorite blogs, Semisimple has a mini blog on the side that works that way and I really like it. But his blog is run with Blogger (yuck) so I can’t ask him how he did that.

    This has been covered a few times. Just to reiterate, there’s a bunch of different approaches to doing this. One is using an RSS aggregator (like my feedread code) to pull in a particular subcat of your own site.
    The other is to ‘restart the WP loop’. This can be done a number of ways, from re-including the blog-header (at least, I think that was one method), to simply doing a particular hard-coded query yourself like blog-header does. In both cases, you do a $posts loop similar to what is already in index.php, but ‘adjust’ it to show the more limited data you’d want in the sidebar.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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