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    we had a few issues, which so far stop us from using the plugin in a productive environment:

    1- in the settings, “excerpts” were switched on, however, in the post editor unter “Crosspost” the “excerpts” box is disabled. Whole copies of the articles are sent to the blog anyway.

    2- apart from not being what is set up, this also might have negative effects on SEO, especially as the blog automatically sets a “canonical” link towards its copy of the post in its header. not sure, if the canonical link can be disabled via the techniques employed and set to the original post. so better to have excerpts, I guess

    3- categories are sent, even though sending categories is disabled. with the effect that non-existing categories are suddenly turning up on the target blog, which is not intended. ideally there would be a way to match categories and rewrite them before crossposting

    4- favourite picture is not sent, as far as I can see

    5- in the target blog, the crossposted copy appears with “publicise” settings unset, whereas there is a publication to Facebook, Twitter etc. set up. So crossposted posts are not publicated to social networks, in comparision with normal posts, for which this is default. It does not seem possible to check publication targets afterwards, the crossposted article somehow refuses changes, publication checkboxes remain unset.

    6- not possible to disable crossposting but allow it on a post-basis (i.e. by manually checking “Crosspost this post” in the post editor)

    7- not possible to exclude articles with certain categories or tags set from Crosspost. this creates loops when we do a RSS-pull from the target blog… (the target blog has many authors besides ours, so we can’t use the experimental sync-function which seems to sync only articles published by us on the target blog)

    Thank you for your work, it would be great if you had any tips!

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  • Plugin Author Meitar


    Hiya. I’m just now seeing this.

    Some of the things you describe above sound like bugs, and those should get moved on over to this project’s issue tracker. (Easier to track fixes over there than here.)

    Others, however, aren’t actually implemented yet. đŸ™‚ The plugin is relatively unfinished and at the moment I don’t have time go back to complete those features. Patches from other developers are also always welcome, of course.

    Thanks for posting about the issues you found, though. Hopefully I’ll find some the time/resources to come back to this project eventually.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    Hi. I finally had some time to come back around to this. In the new WP-Crosspost version 0.3.1, released today, you will find:

    • crossposting excerpts confirmed working,
    • crossposting categories respects the “Do not send post categories in crossposts” option
    • Publicize integration now works
    • category exclusion now works

    This should resolve at least your issues numbered 1, 3, 5, and 7, if not also number 2 and 6.

    I am still working on further media integration and until that’s done crossposting the featured image data won’t be available. In the mean time, version 0.3 also adds support for post Sticky settings and a few other nice things.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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