• Seems to work very well. It’s a little confusing when it needs to ‘re-smush’ everything. Not sure why this happens. The cartoon graphics are a little naff, but the spirit of things is very good. It is hard to assess the benefits, however. There is no direct way to correlate the graphics improvement, nor easily see the difference in image quality. This is important on some image based sites, such as for photographers.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to review Smush! Smush was not built to improve image quality. It is designed to reduce the image file size while maintaining image quality. To assess the impact it has on your site, run a page speed test before and after Smushing the images. We provide compression stats but the real difference with image optimization is speed, not visual image quality.

    We are always trying to improve the Smush experience and hope to win a 5-star review from you in the future!

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I understand it better now. Not sure if it is a pro version feature, but it’d be great to adjust to balance compression vs image quality with a small amount of manual adjustment. This might suit the image heavy site of visual artists and photographers? Just an idea 🙂 Anyway, it seems to be working pretty well for me so far, but yes maybe I should run before/after speed tests to see the real world result.

    PS, I’m sorry about my action character comments. I know this is subjective, but I just think they could be better drawn! 😉

    Haha. No offense taken 🙂 we know our characters will not please everyone. There is an option to super smush images in the pro version. If you have further questions about the pro version of Smush please contact our sales team directly.

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