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  • Hi,

    I’m having a problem when an E-Mail link appears in the right sidebar and is thus (in the html text) after a contact form (CF7) protected by SweetCaptcha. An E-Mail on the page before the form is protected correctly; but the subsequent one in the sidebar gets “mangled”.

    Without SweetCaptcha:
    <a href=";" title="Senden Sie mir eine E-Mail"><span class="wpml-rtl"><span class="wpml-nodis">1400506671</span>xarp-<span class="wpml-nodis">1400506671</span>ph@ml<span class="wpml-nodis">1400506671</span>ehliw<span class="wpml-nodis">1400506671</span>.snah<span class="wpml-nodis">1400506671</span></span></a>

    With SweetCaptcha:
    <a href=”;” title=”Senden Sie mir eine E-Mail”><span class=”wpml-rtl”><span class=”wpml-nodis”>1400506292</span>xarp-<span class=”wpml-nodis”>1400506292</span>ph@ml<span class=”wpml-nodis”>1400506292</span>ehliw<span class=”wpml-nodis”>1400506292</span>.snah<span class=”wpml-nodis”>1400506292</span></span>`

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    I’m not certain what’s actually going on here, but it seems reproducible. The site in question is in development, here.

    Any insights would be appreciated!


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  • The author of “WP Mailto Links” has found the problem, he says it is caused by the JavaScript generated by SweetCaptcha using single quotes. He also says he has no quick fix for the problem.

    I had a look at the page generated, and rather assume that he means this sort of thing:

    <script>new SWEETCAPTCHA('sc_XXXXXX', '//').generate()</script>

    So, since he has no quick fix, would it be possible for SweetCaptcha to use only double quotes (I don’t see why not, and that may in general make life easier for other plugins)?

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