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    Hi, I’m working with custom URLs to add orders to cart, so that may be the problem.

    I have 2 product variations, identified with IDs 160 en 161

    If I visit the page /cart/add-to-cart=160 the variation is added to the cart. If I later go to /cart/add-to-cart=161 this variation is added as well.

    I checked the “Enable this to only allow one of this product, even if it’s a different variation, to be bought in a single order” checkbox as well. Cleared the cart, refreshed the cart, logged in and out, but the problem seems to remain.

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  • Plugin Author Webdados (Marco Almeida)


    This seems to be related to a WooCommerce bug when adding the variation using the add-to-cart URL parameter.

    As you can see it’s even possible to add the same variation via the page and using the URL and get two different entries on the cart:


    And there’s a small difference on the data stored. At the right via the page and at the left via the URL:


    I’ll open an issue on WooCommerce GitHub because this is probably the reason for this problem.

    Note: Your ticket title should be something like “Seems not to work when using the add-to-cart URL parameter” and not simply “Seems not to work” as it is misleading.

    Not working for me either. Not using anything custom at all. Just a standard Variable Product with the latest WooCommerce and all plugins disabled except this one and WooCommerce. Still seeing the Quantity field no matter if I set “Sold Individually” globally from the Inventory tab of within each variation.

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